Data Networking

Network Security

  • Firewall
  • VPN
  • Encryption – PKI infrastructure
  • Authentication / Authorization / Accounting
  • Intrusion Detection
  • QOS and Network Management

Security should be a concern of any business utilizing a corporate network. Tel-Systems strives to incorporate protective measures in our own network and our customers’ networks in order to insure system integrity.Tel-Systems staff will make recommendations for ways to avoid compromising your private information while operating a LAN, WAN or Intranet. These suggestions may include, but are not limited to, customized firewall technology, network redundancy and development of security procedures. Network security services with Tel-Systems are completely customizable depending on your needs and network architecture. A qualified Account Executive will review your current setup and make recommendations based on need for security, resources, and budget.For more information on pricing and options, please contact Tel-Systems Networking® or fill out the online Corporate Sales Information Request.