We have an Older Phone System can we take advantage of Sip

You have 3 Options

  • Option 1 - Replace older legacy system and go on our Hosted Services
  • PRO's
  • Purchase a hosted Service - Feature Rich and Pay One Monthly Fee for all your Lines and Phones
  • Phones can be located any where as long as there is internet access no boundaries -
  • Hosted Services doesn't care if you have a single office or Multiple offices located in seperate cities or Countries they can all share the same account.
  • Required to Purchase Sip Compliant Phones only. You do not require any other equipment except if using any Analog Devices eg. Fax
  • Phones are SIP Phones which require a Network Cable and work over the Internet.
  • Many Different Models of Phones to choose from depending on the Application.
  • Phones come with 2 Network Connections 100Mb or 1000Mb depending on Model
  • Can plug PC in one Network Port on phone so only One Network Connection is required for Both Phone and Computer.
  • No Limitation on number of Users or Voicemail - with the exception that available bandwidth is present onsite
  • We can Port your Existing Phone Number over to our Service so you can keep the same Phone Number.
  • Multiple offices can share the same Autoattendant or Receptionist's.
  • Once your number is ported to our Service you can cancel your lines with your existing carrier. Save on your Monthly Phone Bill
  • Maintenance is included in your monthly Fee
  • Includes Unlimited Canada / US calling - local DID and Toll Free available as well.
  • Includes Voicemail, AutoAttendant, Call Display, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Reporting, Mobile Twinning and much more.
  • Monthly Fee is dependant on Number of lines and Phones required.
  • Reduce your Monthly phone bill now and enquire about our Multi-Office hosted solution.
  • Please see our 911 Policy as it is Basic 911 only


  • Option 2 - If you have an older Premise Based System and would like to take advantage of voip or sip trunks
  • You can update the Main KSU to a newer updated KSU with the latest software and keep the same phones if compatible.
  • If the newly upgraded KSU supports sip trunking we can convert your lines to sip trunks.
  • Please see our 911 Policy as it is Basic 911 only
  • Option 3 - If none of the above is possible and you would like to keep your older phone system
  • If the above is not a viable solution or it doesn't support sip trunks You can purchase a sip gateway and convert your analog lines to sip trunks or voip
  • We can port your phone number over to our service and you can keep the same phone number
  • You can then cancel your service for your phone lines with your current provider.
  • You will have access to unlimited Canada / US Calling included in your monthly bill
  • Reduce your monthly phone bill
  • Please see our 911 Policy as it is Basic 911 only

  • Tel-Systems offers a full range of local and wide area network services for private or virtual private networks from Small Business's to Corporate offices. We can install, maintain, and manage your Network Needs:
    Tel-Systems Network Technicians hold numerous certifications from Microsoft (MCSE), and Cisco (CCDA). Our trained professional staff can provide complete networking services Please Call for more info or Chat online.

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