Hosted Service or Premise Based Phone System

Cons and Pros of Both Solutions

  • Option 1 - Hosted Services
  • PRO's
  • Feature Rich and Pay One Monthly Fee for all your Lines and Phones
  • Over head Costs are much lower - Save on your total Monthly cost as well.
  • Can choose from many Different Models of Phones depending on the Application.
  • No Limitation on number of Users or Voicemail - with the exception that available bandwidth is present onsite
  • Maintenance is included in your monthly Fee So we have you covered.
  • local DID and Toll Free available as well.
  • Includes Voicemail, AutoAttendant, Email to Voicemail, Call Display, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Reporting, Mobile Twinning and much more.
  • Non Blocking Incoming calls and everyone can call out.
  • You can administer your own phones through our online portal
  • CON's
  • Works over the internet if the internet goes down so do the phones - We have all your calls go to a Cell if this happens or you can get a separate internet as Backup.
  • Internet service has been very reliable in the last 5 years so this is not a big issue for many companies that are worried about there internet going down.


  • Option 2 - Premise Based System
  • PRO'S
  • Most Newer Phone Systems are Modular and can be expanded easily to grow with your company
  • Keep Existing Carrier or Opt to go with our Sip Trunking and save on your Monthly Phone Bill.
  • If you opt for our sip trunks we offer you a free maintenance Contract with the system
  • CON'S
  • Over head Costs are much Higher - Must purchase all equipment including Main KSU and Phones
  • Monthly phone bill is higher unless you opt to go with our sip trunking
  • Does Not come with Maintenance unless you opt for our sip trunking or go on a Service Call Basis.

  • Tel-Systems offers a full range of local and wide area network services for private or virtual private networks from Small Business's to Corporate offices. We can install, maintain, and manage your Network Needs:
    Tel-Systems Network Technicians hold numerous certifications from Microsoft (MCSE), and Cisco (CCDA). Our trained professional staff can provide complete networking services Please Call for more info or Chat online.

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