Panasonic IP Phones

Panasonic KXTDE and NCP platform has a great number of features including it’s integrated Voip Features, We have been setting up Panasonic IP phones across the country for our clients who have offices all over the world. And they have been working without a hitch. Our VPN connections have been working great and with thanks to our great technical staff who have the technical skills to get things done right. We recently sent some Panasonic IP phones to India and connected them to there office here in toronto over there internet connection and they have been working flawlessly. And another client from Montreal to Toronto as well. These clients are very happy and amazed at how great the sound quality of these Panasonic IP phones really are. They can transfer and recieve calls from these phones as if they were situated right  in their local office even though they are 100’s of miles away. I would like to thank our many clients for allowing us to improve there business and trusting us to implement this technology. This was all done while saving them a ton of money and improving their customer relations.  We have successfully setup ip phones right across Canada and the US including Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary Montreal, London, Windsor, New York, and many more.  In Some cases we did it without a VPN connection and some Routing Wizardery.

Hats off guys for another great year